Photoluminescent Film Self-adhesive

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Glow in the dark, Photoluminescent Film Self-adhesive (Photoluminescent Film Tape) is a luminescent product produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent material, a component that is independently developed by AndaGlow. It consists of Protection film layer, Light-emitting layer, adhesive layer, Liner.

Photoluminescent Film Self-adhesive

Photoluminescent film is made from soft PVC, Acrylic, PET etc. and is flexible and can be cut easily into any required shape, either with a pair of scissors or by die cutting. Our Photoluminescent film can be used to print any photo through a color printer.It can be printed by silk-screen printing,inkjet printing to make variety signs. Customized and OEM are both avaialable.

Adhesive backing enables the film to be stuck on any normal, flat surface, free from oil or grease and this product can be used outdoors.This product is a finished product and can be used to create luminous sign, designs(by indirect printing), labels, or route markers in emergency situations. See the following printed picture, Photoluminescent film are glowing in the dark.

Remark : All test data according to the current envirment condition.Different condition maybe have some samll change.

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