Printable Photoluminescent Film

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The Printable Photoluminescent Film is developed by Anda. It is a kind of soft plastic film with smooth and high-gloss surface, and can be printed.There are four layers include: Protection Film Layer, Light-emitting layer, Adhesive layer, Liner.

Printable Photoluminescent Film

The Printable Photoluminescent Film is non-toxic, harmless, no radioactivity, true color and high brightness. As the thickness of Printable Photoluminescent Film by a special adjustment, it can be applied to all kinds of large and small color inkjet printer, giving novel feeling at night or in the dark, and the luminescent color is more real than luminescent film. Print images are vivid, complex and colorful, a large area of printing can be realized and the rejection rate of print is low.Customized and OEM are both avaialable.

Remark : All test data according to the current envirment condition.Different condition maybe have some samll change.

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