What is the useage of Photoluminescent film

04. 18, 2019

What is the useage of Photoluminescent film?

Photoluminescent film is a kind of soft plastic luminous film, the back can contain adhesive and shape paper, luminous film non-toxic and harmless, does not contain any radioactive elements, color diversity, luminous brightness, long service life.

Photoluminescent film can be attached to the surface of various equipment and articles. It is same as hardboard type hair smooth board apply, and more convenient, still can cut out its directly all sorts of luminescent graph, mark, stickup at the place that need.

Glow in the dark film can be used as a substrate for luminescence, at night or in the dark to give people a new, strange feeling, and has a certain directive role.

Luminous film can be used in home decoration, decoration, or affixed to switches, telephones, handles, electrical supplies, and stationery, toys, sporting goods, entertainment places, public places (such as hotels, corridors, office buildings, theaters, warehouses, cabins, underground passage, etc.).

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