Is Photoluminescent Material one-time use

04. 18, 2019

Is Photoluminescent Material one-time use ?

Not a one-time use.

Photoluminescent powder is one of Photoluminescent material with special crystal structure. It has a strong ability to absorb light, store light and emit light. When it is irradiated by natural light and light, it absorbs and stores part of light energy, and then slowly releases in the form of visible light in the dark. Photoluminescent material after 5 minutes of light, in the dark can automatically glow for more than 12 hours. The process of light absorption and luminescence can be repeated countless times, and the luminescence life is more than 20 years.

The main features
1, Photoluminescent powder does not need power support. It can automatically absorb any light source, and automatically in the dark light;
2, waterproof yellow and green Photoluminescent powder brightness, afterglow time is long (in sunlight or light irradiation absorption 5-20 minutes, effective continuous light up to 6-15 hours);
3. Good light resistance, aging resistance and chemical stability, with a service life of more than 15 years;
4, non-toxic, no radiation, no fire and explosion danger, is a new generation of green environment-friendly Photoluminescent materials.Photoluminescent paint is a kind of wall art paint, after absorbing the general visible light irradiation 10 to 20 minutes. It can continue to shine in the dark about 12 hours. It can be the limited monotonous plane extended into the fantastic multi-dimensional space of the unique light. Adornment effect is colorful, strewn at random have send, pattern is clear, distinct, exquisite, no seams, peeling, cracking, color and face can free collocation, figures, 

landscapes, flowers, cartoon and so on design can be arbitrary choice. It can also be personalization, and can be used an infinite loop, the service life is long, non-toxic harmless, which does not contain radioactive elements. It is a new generation of environment-friendly decorative coatings. Mainly suitable for entertainment occasions and upscale family residence. 

Translucent yellow-green liquid; The daytime appearance is yellowish liquid, with yellowish green light after light storage.

Composition: the paint is mainly composed of synthetic resin or emulsion, energy storage materials and other materials from the dispersion.

Second, the characteristics: the paint by its own energy storage material to emit a certain amount of light, it in the sunlight, light, visible light under the irradiation of absorption of light energy, and in the dark conditions of the absorption of energy with low frequency visible light emission, by visible light excitation caused by the Photoluminescent phenomenon.

Use: the paint is mainly used in building, decoration, advertising, traffic signs, artificial landscape, also can be used as hotels, shopping malls and special occasions of the Photoluminescent signs, also can be used for low-level emergency lighting.

Iv. Technical performance
Flexibility, 1 mm
Adhesion level 1
Impact strength: 50kg/cm2
Drying time table: dry for 2 h and 24 h
Afterglow luminescence brightness (10 minutes) 300 MCD / ㎡
Afterglow time 200min
V. construction requirements:

1, before the construction of the coating surface treatment, to achieve no oil, no rust no dust, the construction requirements of the environment is clean,  and there are ventilation and air cleaning equipment and other facilities, to ensure the quality of construction.
2, coating process: can be sprayed or brush coating.
3, the paint must be fully mixed before use, can be used in the construction of special thinner to the viscosity of the construction.
4. After the substrate is well treated, the primer can be brushed, and after the primer is completely dried, the top paint can be brushed. Photoluminescent film also known as storage film, Photoluminescent film Materials: luminescent membrane is made of rare earth elements activated and alkaline earth aluminate, silicate and acrylic materials. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive and has stable chemical properties.

Performance characteristics: the Photoluminescent film is very low for the activation condition.When the ordinary fluorescent lamp is the light source, the light intensity is 25LX.

The light intensity of general buildings can be up to 500-600lx, therefore, sunlight, general lighting, indoor environment reflected light can be used as a source of excitation.

In addition, the product has good printing and computer engraving performance. The useage: fire safety signs, ship safety signs. General direction, direction, identification signs.Service life: twenty years indoors and seven years outdoors.

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